Leader of the IT sector in Languedoc-Roussillon



IBM, based in Montpellier since 1965, is one of the largest employers in the private sector in the Languedoc-Roussillon region: around 900 employees in total.



IBM Montpelier is involved in several regional initiatives:

  • IBM is the principal for the RIDER (smart grid) project for the DERBI competitiveness cluster.
  • Agreement with Montpellier Agglo for the Exocité (Smart cities) project.
  • New Cluster has been created with multiple manufacturers (IBM, Intel etc.) on the "Media Cloud" theme (content distribution in the network).


In total, 25 people at the Montpellier site are working on these new initiatives (new markets) that help to develop new services and expertise in Montpellier, especially as part of the PSSC (Products & Solutions Support Center)/Montpellier Customer Center, which has more than 300 employees.


IBM Montpellier hosts 4 business units:



  1. 1.    Production, within the Integrated Supply Chain division - 210 people


Reconditioning used equipment (asset recovery services) - 110 p
 Turnkey solutions (customised solution center) - 100 p


  1. 2.    IBM PSSC (Products & Solutions Support Center) Montpellier Customer Center - 320 people


The group's largest support centre (sales support) in Europe for servers and storage systems, which has a team of 300 highly qualified specialists, the only site of its kind in the world that is the most prestigious business unit and by far the best known internationally.


  1. 3.    Level 2 and 3 maintenance (customer engineer) - 170 people


  1. 4.    Hosted outsourcing -130 people


Service delivery in one of the most modern data centres in Europe for the managed services offer, which includes all IBM France data centres (data centre mirroring): 8000 m² + 8000 m² Parc de la Pompignane (Montpellier) + Grabels site which is being extended (total investment of € 70 million for the building and infrastructure).


October 2012: IBM Montpellier is labelled as one of the global cloud computing centres of expertise, helping to provide customers with virtualised cloud-type solutions, particularly as part of the extension of the dual centre.


IBM is a member of the Board of Directors of Invest Sud de France